Fitness Classes

No additional fee for DACC Members – $7 per class all others.

Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5:45 AM CrossFit Cycling CrossFit Cycling CrossFit
8:00 AM Pilates Pilates Zumba Pilates
(starts in Oct)

8:15 AM CrossFit CrossFit  
9:00 AM
Total Body-
Water Aerobics
Fun @ the Barre
Stretch & Tone
Total Body-
Water Aerobics
Stretch & Tone
Boot Camp
Total Body-
Water Aerobics

 Tai Chi


Starts in Oct.

9:15 AM

CrossFit for Kids

11:30 AM  Water Aerobics Water Aerobics Water Aerobics Water Aerobics Water Aerobics
12:15 PM Cycling Cycling  Cycling
1:00 PM  Fun @ the Barre   Fun @ the Barre 
 4:00 PM  CrossFit for Kids  
 4:30 PM  Zumba  Zumba
5:30 PM Sculpting  Zumba Cardio-Sculpt Zumba
6:00 PM  Crossfit Crossfit  Crossfit
6:30 PM Beginner Cycling  Start Here! Fitness  Cycling (starts 9/10) Cycling ends 9/4
7:30 PM Aqua Zumba   Water Aerobics 


Fitness equipment orientations and personal training sessions may be scheduled with the DACC Fitness Staff.  DACC members may schedule personal training sessions with Joann Gray or Billie Ingraham. If your workout program isn’t meeting your needs or if you think you might benefit from a little one on one instruction, why not schedule time with a professional?

Appointments are scheduled at the front desk. You must be a member of The DACC to use personal training services.

Fitness Equipment Orientation: $20/person, $30/couple (30 Minutes)
Fitness Orientation and Plan: $40/person (60 Minutes)
Personal Training Card: $35/hour or 4 hours for $120.

Fitness classes at the DACC are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
Please arrive promptly so class can begin on time AND please permit the instructor to conclude promptly so the next class or event can begin on time.

Don’t forget to check with your physician BEFORE beginning a new exercise program. Remember a towel and water are recommended for all classes.  Thanks!

Class Descriptions

Aqua Zumba- Take the party to the water! All fitness levels invited.

Boot Camp – A group physical training program designed to build strength and improve your conditioning through a variety of intense group interval exercises for 45 minutes. The interval class mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cario exercises. All fitness levels welcome, but class will be conducted at a high level of intensity.

CrossFit Constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity with endless scalability!  Every day is different.  Every movement has purpose.  Every workout is exhilirating, not redundant.  If you’d like to learn new things and challenge yourself to reach new levels of physical capacity, CrossFit is for you!

Flirty Girl –  A choreographed aerobic dance class that will leave you feeling fit and fabulous!

Fun at the Barre –  Gentle movements using a ballet barre to build strength and flexibility.  All fitness levels welcome.

Indoor cycling- A group fitness experience utilizing LeMond stationary exercise bikes in a set to music.

Personal training – A workout tailored especially for you. By the half-hour or hour

Pilates – Core strength and flexibility through floor based movement. All fitness levels

Sculpting – Moderate free weights and higher repetitions for longer, leaner muscles. All fitness levels welcome.

Start Here! Fitness- A gentle introduction to group fitness. Uses light weights and gentle cardio

Stretch and Tone – Beginner toning (light weights) and gentle stretch for those just starting out or with range of motion difficulties.

Tai Chi – Gentle flowing movement for body and soul alignment. All fitness levels welcome.  Instructor:  Jim Birt

Water Fitness – Easier on the joints than traditional aerobics, but still a vigorous water workout. For all fitness levels

Zumba – Dance party fitness disguised as fun movement done to International music. Join the Party. Shoes should have little tread.

Additional Fitness Classes Offered

(none at this time)

Register for Classes

Members can register for premium classes through our online membership system. Click any of the links below to sign up for a fun fitness class:

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