Middle School Activities

Children ages 12 and up are invited to join in regularly scheduled fitness classes. Click here to see a schedule.


Middle School “TAKE OVER”

Jan 11 & 25, Feb 8 & 22, March 15& 29  7 – 9 PM

$3 (M) $5 (All Others)

Music and Dancing – Snacks and Drinks – Gym Activities – Swimming – Sitting and Chatting

To attend this event, you must be a student at the Danville Area Middle School (grades 6-8) or live in the Danville Area School District.  No guests permitted unless registered witht he front desk attendant by 5PM the day before.

There will be adult chaperones.

Cell phones must be left at the front desk and can be checked every half hour.

Once you have been admitted, you may not leave until 9 PM unless a parent signs you out of the building



The program begins Jan 20 and will be offered two or three days (Your Choice) per week at two different times for four weeks.  Your middle school will choose form a “menu” of activities including Swimming, Cardio Equipment, Strength Equipment, Weight Lifting, Running/Walking/ TRX, Yoga, Dance

Classes begin Jun 20, 2014, sign up begins Jan 2

Fee:  $20 for two days per week, $30 for three days per week


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