Junior Basketball League

This league is open to boys who live in the Danville Area School District and are in Grades 3 – 6.

Bob Dressler, celebrating his 17th year as League Director, has announced that  registration for the 2013-2014 Season will begin Oct 1st.


Playoffs will complete the season in mid February

This twelve-week program begins with two weeks of preseason skills and drills. In November, the DACC League “Draft” will be held.   Each week, players will have one hour of practice during the week in addition to Saturday morning games.

The DACC Junior Basketball League is exceptional in that instruction is ongoing throughout the season as are “game situation” teaching opportunities.

The DACC program would not be possible without the help and encouragement of volunteer coaches and the assistance of the Danville High School Basketball coaches and players.  DASD Head Coach Lenny Smith has been an important asset to this program for many years.

Fees: $45 (Members only) for Basketball Program.  Membership fee for the season is $25. Anyone needing assistance with fees should call and speak with Mrs. Knouse or Mrs. Getkin

There is an additional $30 fee for a reversible jersey. There is an additional fee for names.  The DACC has had some jerseys donated by past participants.  These are available for any player who needs one on a first-come, first-served basis.

League Registration begins October 1, 2013



Nov 16   8:45 Raup vs Strausser

9:35  Bender vs. Campbell

10:25 Betz vs James

11:15 Klein vs Riley

Nov 23       8:45  Campbell vs DeLong

9:35 Bender vs Strausser

10:25 Riley vs Southern

11:15 Klein vs James

Nov 30       OFF

Dec 7          8:45 Raup vs Delong

9:35 Campbell vs Strausser

10:25 Betz vs Southern

11:15 Riley vs James

Dec 14       8:45  Strausser vs Delong

9:35 Raup vs Bender

10:25 James vs Southern

11:15 Betz vs Klein

Dec 21       8:45 Bender vs Delong

9:35  Raup vs Campbell

10:25 Klein vs Southern

11:15  Betz vs Riley

Dec 28      OFF

Jan 4          8:35 Campbell vs Bender

9:35 Strausser vs Raup

10:25 Riley vs Klein

11:15 James vs Betz

Jan 11         8:35 Delong vs Campbell

9:35 Strausser vs Bender

10:25 Southern vs Riley

11:15 James vs Klein

Jan 18         8:35 Delong vs Raup

9:35 Strausser vs Campbell

10:25 Southern vs Betz

11:15 James vs Riley

Jan 25         8:35 Delong vs Strausser

9:35 Bender vs Raup

10:25 Southern vs James

11:15 Klein vs Betz

Feb 1           8:35 Delong vs Bender

9:35 Campbell vs Raup

10:25 Southern vs Klein

11:15 Riley vs Betz

Feb 8           8:35 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

9:35 1st Place vs 4th Place

10:25 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

11:15 1st Place vs 4th Place

Feb 15          9:00 Championship Game

10:15 Championship Game



Practice Times:

3rd & 4th Grade

Team 1: Raup/Winn/Patrick    Thursday 7-8

Team 2: Bender                            Monday 5-6

Team 3: Campbell/Cush             Wednesday 7-8

Team 4: Strausser/Berkey          Wednesday 7-8

Team 5: Delong                             Tuesday 6-7

5th and 6th Grade

Team 1: Betz                                  Tuesday 7-8

Team 2: Klein                                Wednesday 6-7

Team 3: Riley                                 Tuesday 4:30-5:30

Team 4: James                               Wednesday 5-6

Team 5: Southern



Register for the Junior Basketball League

Members can register for the Junior Basketball League through our online membership system. Click the button below to sign up: