Birthday Parties

Schedule your child’s next birthday party at the Danville Area Community Center! Use our Gathering room for the party set-up and choose either games and activities (select from a theme list) or shared pool time for your child’s guests to enjoy.¬† Parties are generally two hours and may be scheduled on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

Number of Children Member Cost
1 – 8 $85
9 – 14 $110
15 – 20 $140


Larger parties can also be accommodated.

Birthday children are included in the total count. Only invited guests are included in this price.

Please note that to schedule a swim party, children must be able to swim OR one adult must enter the pool with each child.

Parents and siblings of the party child and invited guest who are members will not pay an additional fee. Adult guests who are non-members will pay a guest fee for the day. This fee can be added to the rental amount.

Scheduling a party is a member  benefit. The person booking the party must have at least a three month adult membership.

A $50 deposit is required to confirm registration. The balance is due the day of the party. Please call Mrs. Ingraham at 275-3001 to schedule your party.