After School Camp


Mrs. Heather Andrusis, Camp Counselor

Camp is offered to Children K-5th grade who attend Danville Primary Center, Liberty Valley Intermediate School, or St. Joseph’s School.


2015-2016 Afterschool Camp 

Begins the first day of school and continues through the last day.  Camp hours are afterschool until 6pm.

mob244_1252601236Liberty Valley Afterschool Campers are bused to the Primary School where they will meet their counselor and the Primary’s Afterschool Campers in the lobby.  As a group, they walk to the community center.

Children receive a snack when they arrive at the DACC.  After snack, homework is the next item on the agenda.

At various times of the year, our campers will be able to swim after school, play in the gym and on the playground, select a game, craft, or activity, build with Legos, etc.



school-ageCamper must be a DACC Member.

Program Registration:  $50 (There is no registration fee if you attended Afterschool Camp in 2014)

Daily Fee:  $10

Minimum Weekly Fee:  $20 (when there are at least 4 school days scheduled)

Weekly Fee:  $45


Days that require full-day care will be required to be pre-paid at the time you register your child.  The fee for full-day care is $30.  A pizza lunch and morning and afternoon snacks will be provided as part of the fee.  The fee for half-day care is $15 with pizza lunch.