Swimming Lessons

The DACC’s indoor, heated pool is the perfect place for you and/or your children to take swimming lessons!

DACC Swimming Pool


Before you enroll your child in swim lessons, please understand that learning to swim is a commitment. It may take your child one year to complete all the levels of the DACC’s program, or it may take three years. It will depend on many factors: readiness to learn, consistency, and practice.

You can help your child advance his or her swimming skills more quickly by bringing your child to the DACC pool – or to any pool that is properly supervised – to practice and/or play in the water. If your family’s schedule will not permit a period of ongoing enrollment in swim lessons, perhaps waiting for a bit would be wise. New swimming skills build upon learned skills and permit the child to proceed more quickly through the levels.

Parents are not permitted to stay on the deck during lessons.  Please do not register your child for swim lessons if he or she is not able to be on the deck without a parent; parents must retire to the balcony during swim lessons.  


  • There is a $15 Late Charge for registering the day of classes.

The DACC swim lesson program operates on a monthly basis from September through May.  Summer swim lessons are June through August and run Monday through Thursday for two straight weeks.


Lessons can be registered for at the DACC front desk or online.  Click the button below to sign-up for any of the swim lessons currently available.  Adult swim lessons are offered on a private or small group basis.  Please call the DACC if you are interested in Adult Lessons.

SUMMER 2020 Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons


 What Level Should I Put My Swimmer ?


Baby Fish I and II classes are for children ages 9 – months to 3 years and a loving adult.  Our instructors will sing and play with your child and teach you how to make your child feel comfortable in the water.  You will learn the fundamentals of water safety and your child will learn to wear a water belt.  Children who are no experienced with potty training must wear a swim diaper.

DACC Swim Lessons
Introduction to Swimming through Level III

Introduction to Swimming:  This class is for children who are at least three years old.  Skills to be learned include paddling with hands, proper kicking, slipping into and climbing out of the water, submersing head, and floating.

Level I:  Skills at Level 1 include jumping into the water, paddling and reaching, floating for 10 seconds without a belt, and demonstrating the elementary backstroke and breast stroke (arms only)

Level II:  Belts are not encouraged at this level.  Skills learned at Level II include the elementary backstroke, traditional backstroke, and rhythmic breathing for the American crawl.  also at this level, the basics of jumping and diving are taught and swimmers learn to jump into deep water, push off the bottom and then push to the top (a very important skill).  Swimmers work on floating for longer periods of time.

Level III:  Swimmers will work on refining the backstroke, elementary backstroke, American crawl, and breaststroke.  Diving, trading water, and jumping in and pushing off the bottom to a floating position are emphasized.  Students begin to work on developing endurance.

Level IV and Stroke Clinic:  Stroke refinement and technique are the primary lessons at this level.  Swimmers begin endurance work.


If you know a child who should be taking swim lessons and whose parents are unable to provide classes (at all levels) because of financial need, please contact us.  Our annual United Way allocation provides for memberships and – because they are so important – swim lessons!