Swim Teams

Dolphin’s Summer Swim Team

Head Coach:  Danielle Bloom
Assistant Coach:  Kasey Getkin

Summer Swim Team Registration
Saturday, April 18: 10 am-11:30 am
Wednesday, April 22:  5:30 am – 7:30 pm
*Try-On suits available at registration


Novice Swimmers:  First time or younger swimmers who are not ready to fully commit to the practice/competition schedule of swim team.  Novice swimmers will swim only at home meets.  Novice swimmers will have the option of competing in championships at the end of the season.

Junior Swimmers:  Younger swimmers who are not ready for swimming every day.  Junior swimmers are expected to swim at all home and away meets.

Elite Swimmers:  Experienced swimmers who are fully committed to swim team.

Parental Involvement:  At all home meets, if your child is swimming, parents are asked to volunteer to help run the meet.  Assistance is needed to work concessions, time races, etc.  Please be prepared to volunteer for the commitment.

Vacations/Missed Practices:  Summer is an important time for families.  Swimmers will not be penalized for missing practice due to a family vacation.  Please notify the coach as early as you can for missed practices/meets.  It is very important for competition preparations to know who will be attending.



Novice:  $125 Season Fee
Junior:  $140 Season Fee
Elite:  $155 Service Fee
Please note, swimmers must be DACC Members.


Practice Times

May 11 – June 12:  4 pm – 5 pm; Elite Swimmers (10+) will swim until 5:30 pm
June 15 – July 31:  8 am – 9 am; Elite Swimmers (10+) will swim until 9:30 am