Rock Wall

The Rock Wall is open 1pm-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
Rock Wall Rules:
  1. The Rock Wall must be OPEN.
  2. The Rock Wall Boss (RWB) is in charge.
  3. There is a weight limit of 250 pounds on the wall.
  4. Everyone must pass the swim test.  The test requires the child and/or adult jump into deep water and swim to shallow water without stopping.   The test will be administered at 1pm and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  5. The RWB will establish a line for those who have passed the test.
  6. When the RWB taps the swimmer on the shoulder, he or she may enter the pool FEET FIRST (no diving – we want to establish that entry is feet-first).  The climber must climb in a vertical position and when he or she has climbed as high as possible, the exit is to drop feet first into the water.  Climbing down is NOT an option.
  7. The climber may NOT hold onto the side of the wall.
  8. The climber must swim to the ladder and exit the pool before the RWB permits the next climber to enter the water.
Refusal to obey the rules will result in the climber being benched or excused from climbing for the day.