DACC Annual Bus Trip to NYC – Dec 16

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Happy+Holidays+from+New+York+CityWednesday, December 16, 2015


A day in New York on your own:  Broadway Matinees, The Christmas Show at Rockefeller Center, Shopping, Restaurants, Museums, and the Tree at Dusk.  It’s your choice!


Bus leaves the DACC at 6:30am and leaves NYC at 7pm.  There will be a breakfast stop at the exit for the turnpike, as well as a fast food stop on the way home.


We have three drop off points in NYC:

1.  Mid-Town – 7th Avenue & 51st Street
2.  Macy’s – 34th Street
3.  Lower Manhattan – Close proximity to 9/11 Memorial.

The only pick-up point will be at 7th Avenue & 51st Street.

$45/seat is purchases by November 1
$50/seat if purchased by November 25
$55/seat after November 26

(Price includes driver’s tip.)


DACC Community Day – November 29

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November 29, 2015

Noon – 5:00 pm

The community is invited to visit the DACC to swim and play at the DACC at no cost thanks to our friends at Cole’s Hardware.  Children eight (8) and under MUST be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old.

Any child who is coming to the DACC to go swimming must be able to swim from the window wall to the lane line OR he/she must be able to touch the bottom of the pool in the shallow area.

If the pool becomes very crowded, the lifeguard may choose to close the diving board.  Also, please remind your child that the lifeguard is in charge of the pool.  He or she must be obeyed without question.





Thank you, Cole’s Hardware for making this wonderful opportunity possible for our community.


DACCwood (Sandwich) Sale – November 18

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DACCwood-Order Sheet


At the DACC, we make great sandwiches!

Choice of ham or turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.  Mayo provided on the side. Chips and a pickle included. Sign up at the DACC front desk or pre-order by printing off an order sheet or by calling 275-3001. Orders must be received within one week of the sale.  Cost is $4.50 for sandwich.

If your business is within three (2) miles of the DACC and you would like to be on our delivery schedule (12-sandwich minimum), please call the DACC to order.

All proceeds benefit the DACC Sponsorship Fund.

Community 5K Run and Walk – November 7

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20th Annual Community 5K Run and Walk

Celebrate two decades of building a healthier community with family and friends!  This year’s event jointly benefits the Danville Area Community Center and the Montour Area Recreation Commission.

  • November 7 at 9:00 am
  • The traditional DACC Course
  • $15 per person w/Shirt $10 per person – no shirt
  • Day of Race/Walk: $20 per person – no shirt guarantee


Register online by clicking here or download the application by clicking here or call the Center at 570.275.3001 and we’ll send you a registration.



DACC Custom Cookbook

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cookbookThe DACC is preparing a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our members.  These cookbooks will be professionally published and will contain special pages of interest, a table of contents, an index, helpful cooking tips, and recipe category dividers.


We invite you to submit one to five (1-5) recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook.  All you need to do is follow the instructions below and, remember, your name will be printed with each of your recipes.  Your help will ensure that our cookbook will be a great success and reflective of our community of members.


We are hopeful there will be a great demand for our cookbook, in which we want to feature recipes using fresh ingrediants and nutritious recipes, as well as holiday favorites and special treats.  If we create a distinctive DACC cookbook that includes easy recipes for dinner on a busy school night, as well as recipes for special events, these books will be “in demand.”


You can reserve one or more for yourself and your family at this time so we can make a better “guesstimate” of the amount we’ll need to order.  Please see the DACC front desk to pre-order.

 Submitting A Recipe

  • Print neatly in INK, not pencil, and place ONE resipe per form.
  • If more room is needed, use another sheet of the same size and staple together.
  • Please write LEGIBLY as this will greatly reduce errors.
  • List all ingredients in order of use in ingredients list and directions.
  • Include container sizes: 16oz pkg, 24 oz can, etc.
  • Keep directions in paragraph form, no in steps.
  • Use names of ingredients in the directions (ie: “Combine flour and sugar.”  DO not use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”
  • Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
  • Be consistent with the spelling of your name for each recipe you contribute.  We prefer that you use your first and last name o your nickname and last name.  If you use a middle initial, please feel free to use it.
  • Any special recipe notes(antyhing other then ingredients, directions, contributor name, serving size, or recipe title) should be kept as a separate coment on the bottom of this form, as they may not be included unless we pay extra for it.
  • DEADLINE SUBMISSION:  September 1, 2015
  • Pick up your Recipe Collection Sheet at the DACC front desk or download your copy by clicking here.  Please submit all completed forms to the DACC front desk or by scanning and emailing them to atthedacc@gmail.com.  You may also submit your recipe using the comments section below.


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Swim Lessons
October Sponsor: Longtime Friends of the DACC
November Sponsor: Judy and Omar Yumen
December Sponsor: George and Mary Leighow

Danville Dolphins Swim Team
The Zola Family and Nan and Tom Gergel

19th Annual 5K
All America Sports Football
Boyd Station Acurlite
Leighow Oil Company
Riverside Communications
The Kiddie Korner
Dunkin’ Donuts

Senior Luncheon
Michael Brady Sonya Schultz
Judy and Omar Yumen
Amanda Manning, James Zola and Children

Pearl Stump
The Zola Family
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Joann Gray
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