Membership Rates & Info


Please note: Membership fees are NOT refundable or transferable.

Recurring Monthly Payments One Year
Membership Category for Annual Membership Individual Corporate Six Months Three Months

Youth (under 18) 10 120 102 60 30

College (full-time) N/A 300 N/A 172 86*

Adult (18 and older) 37 410  370 225 117

Couple 55 605 545 332 174

Senior Adult (65+) 22 240  216 132 69

Senior Couple (65+) 32 345  310 190 99

Single Parent Family 57 625  553 345 180

Family** 63 685  616 377 197

*Six-week Membership for college break: $45
**Adult Family Members must present a valid driver’s license with home address.

*** Recurring Monthly payments also have a one-time $15 administrative fee

Are you eligible for the DACC’s newest Membership???Geisinger-Gold

Beginning January 1, 2015, in partnership with Geisinger Gold, the DACC will offer a new membership to those Geisinger Gold subscribers who have chosen a plan that includes a fitness option.  If you are eligible for this benefit, you will receive or, perhaps, have received, a letter explaining the program.


If you would like to join the DACC as a Geisinger Gold Member . . .

  • Bbring your letter of eligibility and one form of identification to the DACC front desk.
  • Fill out a DACC membership form.
  • Have your photo taken for your new card.
  • Swipe your card at the front desk (not at the Silver Sneakers machine).
  • And be on your way to the pool, to an exercise class, to the equipment room: you choose because you are immediately eligible to participate in all member activities!

Geisinger Gold will fund your membership without any need to apply for reimbursement because the DACC will take care of the paperwork.  All you will need to do is sign a form at the end of the quarter for the DACC to be reimbursed for your membership.  You may end your participation at any time. However, you will need to wait until the quarter is ended before you may become a member again.

Those of you whose insurance covers the Silver Sneakers Program will continue to operate as you did during 2014. There are no changes to the program.



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