Membership Rates & Info

Please note:
When selecting your DACC membership, please consider upcoming events; ie vacations, surgeries, seasonal travels, etc as we can not refund, freeze or change membership dates.
 Membership fees are NOT refundable or transferable. 
The DACC is a true 501c3 non-profit and we do our best to make every penny count and we count on your memberships! 
Thank you for choosing DACC 🙂


Recurring Monthly Payments
Membership Category for Annual Membership 3 Months 6 Months Annual 5% Renewal Rate Discount

Youth (under 18) 10 30  60 120 114

Young Adult (18-25) 25 75* 150 275 262

Adult (26 and older) 39 120  240 415 394

Couple 57 170 340 620 589

Senior Adult (65+) 24 72 144 260 247

Senior Couple (65+) 35 105 210 375 356

Family** 65 189 378 725 688

*Six-week Membership for college break: $45
**Adult Family Members must present a valid driver’s license with home address.

*** Recurring Monthly payments also have a one-time $15 administrative fee

Fitness Especially for Seniors

If you are 65 years old and your health insurance plan offers a fitness benefit, please visit with us to determine your eligibility for a “free” DACC membership.  Your plan may provide for reimbursement or it may offer a program such as Silver Sneakers. Additionally, there is funding available for eligible seniors who are not part of a participating health plan. Your health is too important to put off until tomorrow!


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