DACC Annual Appeal

The Danville Area Community Center’s Annual Appeal is a very important part of the DACC’s funding “puzzle.”

Whenever someone suggests that the simple answer, to any or all of the financial challenges at the DACC, is to raise the membership fee by 25 or 30%, I cringe. Raising the membership fees by a large amount means there are members who will be unable to afford the increased rates and they will end their membership.

Raising the membership fees dramatically would also mean a significant number of people who are now paying members will need to request sponsorship if they are to continue their membership.

Gifts to the Annual Appeal are deductible on your federal income tax return: membership fees are not.

The DACC Board has determined that because we are a community of people: all ages, all incomes, all abilities and all interests, a proper balance is required. If this has been a good year for you and yours, please consider a gift to the 2017 DACC Annual Appeal.

Donations may be made online by clicking the donate button below, at the DACC, or by mailing your gift to the DACC to P O Box 125, Danville, PA 17821. Thank you so much.